Chick Lit Is…

Chick lit is the new therapy. It’s a glass of wine and a bubble bath. It’s a good laugh or a long overdue cry. It’s finding yourself reflected in 90,000 words. It’s finding your best friend reflected in 90,000 words. It’s restoring your hope in love. It’s recognizing the realities of love. It’s finding hope in a happy ending. It’s learning to fight for that happy ending. It’s finding a kindred spirit in the author–or finding an author who must be stalking you. It’s discovering your own mistakes. It’s finally recognizing your glaring faults. It’s a nail-biting, scandalous, whirlwind adventure. It’s a well-deserved break at the end of a long day. It’s heartbreak. It’s mindlessly entertaining fun. It’s a challenging question of morals. It’s a choice between right and wrong. It’s all the encouragement you’ve needed to throw caution to the wind. It’s the red flag waving at you to guard your heart and keep caution close at hand.

Chick lit is the push to follow your dreams to the bitter end. It’s the reminder to be true to yourself. It’s the question of your inner happiness. It’s the challenge to make yourself internally happy. It’s your exercise catalyst–especially yoga. It’s a fun fantasy of risky sexual exploits you’d normally never entertain. It’s the reason you carry a rarely used condom in your wallet. It’s what makes you feel okay about occasionally binging on ice cream. It’s your biggest shoe-shopping advocate. It’s your don’t-need-a-man self-assurance. It’s the heart-wrenching, tear-jerking reminder of how much you miss your ex. It’s the best possible source of intrigue on a dateless Friday night.

Chick lit is a universal expression of life, love, romance, sex (both awkward and steamy), friendship, career, body image, and the general pursuit of true, meaningful happiness.

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