Butterfly Kisses

Down I lay my weary heart. I pray you not to let it break.

Should I discern to take it back, I’ll keep you not for keeping’s sake.

(Sleeping and weeping and keeping so still

I heard them flutter ‘cross the sill.)

Assured in ways you look at me, we’d talk of art and not discuss

how fears I harbor in myself have given way to doubting us.

(Reason gives season to treason’s reign.

Break us now, or love in vain?)

My love requires sacrifice, a luxury I can’t afford,

a privilege that bodes ill for me, a paradox of my accord.

(Demand commands you stand your ground.

What I now find is what I’ve found.)

I can’t describe what I deserve. My expectations leave me mute,

deaf, indefinitely blind, and powerless in this dispute.

(Reeling, revealing these feelings of mine,

Affect signs Cause on dotted line.)

I push away the challenges and hold on tight to what I know.

You dare me fierce. I know you not. Remorse will find me as you go.

(Choosing and losing, refusing your song.

Love, I’ll miss you when you’re gone.)

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