The Reaping

Unwarranted malice, fool pride, disrespect

mask an ignorant boy in his choice to deflect

some old anger, some hurt, telling her to get out.

Keep your cool to conceal what it’s really about.

Each hateful word adds a brick to the wall

of the prison you build to protect from a fall.

Smug spite chokes the heart of the spirit that’s left.

Such insolent actions have named kings bereft.

Aware of your wrong, what she did not deserve–

Too self-sought to say sorry, yet you have the nerve

to say you’re a man? You’re the prey of your guise.

The crux of your own game commands your demise.

The laugh of your cruel joke will beckon the shame

and the choices that chain you will find you to blame.

Inadvisable arrogance comes to an end

when the hurt that you’ve caused can no longer pretend

to be buried.

…There’s a reason why

you can’t look her in the eyes.

The guilt will hit surface

when you’re grown up enough to search beyond yourself for purpose.

But until that day,

dare I to say:

Your ill treatment of her (of your same art and earth),

you will reap in return from the Universe.

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