A Burden (Part Yours, Part Mine)

Heavy weighs your weary heart. But I’ll be here

to bear some part.

‘Cause you’ve held mine with tenderness. You told me once,

“Remember this…”

You told me, “You’ll not be alone, from now until

you’re old and grown,

and grown so old the world’s gone by. I’ll love you now

’til seas go dry.”

So love you back is what I’ll do, while violets, seas,

and skies are blue.

I’ll take your side in joy and pain. Come hell, high water,

sunshine, rain…

Come summer breeze or winter cold, my hand is yours

to always hold.

My shoulder’s here for you to rest, to lay your head

at your behest.

Remember through the hardest time, your burden, love,

is also mine.

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