Know Not How

moonlight_swing_by_papkalaci-d35h95mYou opened up the sky to me.
Unfettered hopes abounding free
to breathe and travel in a dream
I long since thought you’d not redeem.
Not you, nor he, nor anyone
could call to life or make undone
the girl within who’d gone away
from reverie by night and day;
who’d watch and wait and listen for
the thieving bliss to fail once more.
To let her down and set aflame
a stack of embers ‘neath the frame.
The singed and somber frame that stood,
no frame at all for what it could
—or could not—carry, bear, sustain
that is, until along you came
and stood just where that weak frame was,
stood strong enough for both of us.
So I could cease to watch and wait,
instead, embrace my unknown fate
and sail against a fearsome tide,
the current swift, an ocean wide.
Within this dream I travel through
to live, to breathe, is loving you.
I know not how, nor reasons why…
my love, you opened up the sky.

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