How Steve Jobs Found Success

Passion key to success - Steve JobsSteve Jobs had an incredible mind. No matter how you feel about him, or Apple, I don’t think you would argue that he was a visionary. And an extraordinarily successful one.

In the clip below, he talks about finding that success. In non-monetization, non-fortune 100 terms:

Love what you do and be passionate, as a rule.

He also divulges the shrewd insight that surrounding yourself with good people, the right people, is another crucial part of the equation.

I came across this clip a little while ago and it stuck with me. I knew Steve was right. I knew I had to go after my vision, because what I feel with movies is nothing short of a love affair.

I love what I do. I’m passionate about what I do.

And so I ask…are you? Have you found that thing yet that you love so much, you’ll outlast the competition by way of pure passion? If you haven’t, I encourage you to heed his advice. Search for that thing, find it, and pour out your heart. Because, beyond that, I believe success awaits you.

And if the journey getting there, while hard at times, is shared with good people—it becomes an invaluable adventure, and a success within itself.

Steve Jobs on Passion as a Rule for Success

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