Happy Halloween, friends! On the beloved holiday when we all dress up in costumes and wear masks, I thought it might be a nice moment to ground the fun in some serious reflection. Analyzing our realities is probably scarier than a haunted hayride anyway. So read on—if you dare.

Ha, just kidding, it’s not that serious. Well, a little.

Learning how to change your reality through perception may not be something that comes to mind everyday. We tend to go about our lives without too much critical thought, mostly just floating through. We wake up, shower, drive to work (in traffic), eat lunch, finish work, drive home (in traffic), eat dinner, go to bed, wake up the next day and do it all again. Of course, there are variations to these steps and what happens in between.

For most of us, it is a reality that we must carry out these actions day in and day out.

And the drive behind these actions is survival. If we’re lucky and work hard, it’ll be a comfortable survival. We will be successful. And if we’re really, really lucky, we’ll be happy, too.

reality is an illusion - Albert Einstein

But what is the driving force behind success, and behind happiness??

In case you haven’t figured it out, I’ll tell you: it’s perception. No, not reality like actual reality, but the way each of us perceives reality. As well as the reality we project to the world.

We live in a world where we are surrounded by false realities, and critical thinking is all but lost. Our entire society thrives on perception shaping reality. Consumerism is driven by this same quantum consciousness. So are relationships. And careers.

Change your reality through perception through CHOICE

We don’t get to choose everything in our lives. Some of us may be colorblind. Some may be deaf. Some of us are “pretty,” some are “not.” Some are tall, some are short. Some are white some are black. This list could go on and on, and all of these are things that shape our reality. However, there are many, many more “realities” that we have the freedom to choose. The way we perceive and the way we are perceived by others is part choice for every single one of us.

Your knowledge base, your style of dress, your attitude, the books you read, the city you live in, where you travel, the car you drive, the languages you speak, the people you invite into your life. This list also goes on, and on, and on…

Do you think critically about your actions, or are your choices made for you by the media, politics, your spouse, your best friends, social networking…? Think about this: there are people who get PAID LOTS OF MONEY to shape your perception, thereby creating your reality. This insane General Election is a perfect example. Slander, lies, skewed reporting, all leave us feeling like we have no choice, like we’re stuck with two terrible choices for president. But behind the picture the media is painting, what’s really there? What’s always been there? Perhaps EVERY election in history has been just as deplorable, but the media decided to report on something else, so we never saw the truth then.

perception becomes reality

How to shift your perception and projection

We all wear a “mask” every day of the year, whether it’s one we intended to create or one that others created for us. Because perception goes both ways. We perceive the world, and the world perceives us. The way you project yourself to the world is the reality you create about yourself to other people. Social media is a major platform for generating this type of false reality. Most of us only post our best moments, our most exciting activities, our most attractive photos. There are filters and Photoshop to clean us up so no one sees the real thing.

Why did you create this mask? Is it working for you? Are you happy? And what’s behind the mask? Are you living your authentic reality or is reality living you? What I mean by that is, in the event that you do NOT feel deeply happy, do you believe you have the power to change your perception/projection, and to thereby change your life?

You do.

I’ll finish my musings for the day with this shout-out to my friend Anni, who recently posted this on Facebook:

I want to talk about failure. We don’t talk about failure on here enough. So here, I’ll start: I’ve been fired from a job. I’ve been scammed out of money on Craigslist. I’ve cried at work. A lot. I’ve had too much to drink and done stupid things and hurt people I love. I’ve tried to kiss people and been rebuffed. I consistently procrastinate. I’ve been called selfish and controlling. I’ve farted in public and blamed it on a stranger. I’ve pretended to get jokes and cultural references I don’t. I’ve wasted money. I’ve wasted time. I’ve slept for days. I don’t always try my best.

I thought this was such a beautiful post. And it was among her most liked posts. (If “likes” even matter. Maybe “likes” having meaning is a false reality Facebook created to drive its machine. Just saying.)

In my opinion, people are hungry for real reality.

Maybe, just maybe, if we removed our masks and lived our deepest truths, we would start to perceive other people’s truths instead of the bullshit. We would begin to make choices for ourselves (not because someone else created a reality that boxed us into a specific choice), so we would be empowered to project ourselves with more confidence and authenticity. And we would find deeper happiness within the survival, within the money, and within the success.

Because what is all the money in the world without happiness?

Probably a reality you never truly wanted, that someone or something created for you.

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