writer comfort zone

If You’re Living In This Place, GET OUT NOW!!!

Your friends and family are probably in this place. You’ve got your favorite things here, like food, a good book or TV show, a cup of coffee or tea, and some great hobbies. You learn about the world and major news from the CNN app on your phone. You even have a secure job and…Read more If You’re Living In This Place, GET OUT NOW!!!

what it means to be a woman in film

What it Means to Be a Woman in Film

If you’re a woman in film, I feel I can safely conjecture that your career is far more than a choice. It is your calling, your life purpose, your soul path. You undoubtedly, undeniably love what you do. And if you don't, let me be the first to recommend you go do something else. Because…Read more What it Means to Be a Woman in Film

What Will You Be in 2015?

This is my VERY FIRST VLOG!! I've been wanting to try vlogging since last year, but I let time get away. ...No more! Starting with the first day of 2015 (although I didn't post til 1/4), I'm attempting to conquer the beast. So let's start off the new year with these two pertinent, self-reflecting questions:…Read more What Will You Be in 2015?

never doubt yourself

7 Reasons to Never Doubt Yourself

Self-doubt is one of our biggest gremlins, as I like to call them. It's a little monster in your head that loves to wreak havoc, tell you you're not good enough, and coerce you to settle for less than you're truly capable of achieving. And it's so powerful, it has the ability to hijack the…Read more 7 Reasons to Never Doubt Yourself

purpose as an artist

Discovering Your Life’s Purpose

I received a poignant email this week from my good friend and fellow artist, Emanja Alleyne. She's a photographer who takes beautiful pictures and, like many of us, is searching for the purpose in her art. The words in her email struck me so deeply that I asked permission to share her insights as a…Read more Discovering Your Life’s Purpose

How Steve Jobs Found Success

Steve Jobs had an incredible mind. No matter how you feel about him, or Apple, I don't think you would argue that he was a visionary. And an extraordinarily successful one. In the clip below, he talks about finding that success. In non-monetization, non-fortune 100 terms: Love what you do and be passionate, as a…Read more How Steve Jobs Found Success

10 Famous Women Who Prove Success After 30 is Possible

I have to tell you something. I'm 31. I know that's, like, a senior citizen in entertainment years. Especially for a woman. Instead of being the next prodigy, I spent my twenties searching, figuring out who I wanted to be…I mean, who I really wanted to be. I shaved my head and moved to South…Read more 10 Famous Women Who Prove Success After 30 is Possible

never ever give up

Why You Should Never, Ever Give Up

Whether you're a writer, actor, dancer, singer, guitarist, painter, or any other kind of dreamer, I'm sure you'll find yourself in some part of this journey. You know, when you first start out, passionate, and you're all like... And then after some serious... You get everything lined up, ready to take your first shot --…Read more Why You Should Never, Ever Give Up

Failure is Not the End

By all definitions (particularly my own) I’ve been failing at a few things recently. Personal and professional endeavors. I’ve felt stupid. Embarrassed for trying in the first place. Like my plans aren’t coming together. Frustrated that the journey is wrought with obstacles. I’ve felt like crying, but then bit down hard and held it in.…Read more Failure is Not the End